ThetaCRM™ is Customer Relationship Management software with CMS and ERP capabilities

ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP capabilities

THETABIZ S.A. is Panamanian company which provides business management services to worldwide clients since 2002. One of our major software products is ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP capabilities. It has produced all our and our clients' websites and has immensely helped our company and our clients to improve our business.

Some of important features of ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP capabilities are:

  • Rapid development and extensions are possible in no time. For example, module for citizenship and birth date database for whole country could be developed within few days only.

  • It is all-in-one integrated solution: CRM, CMS, ERP, plugins for direct letter marketing, integrated website leads collection, integrated SEO solutions, online shop, statistics, and much more.

  • Adaptability. Users can change and implement their own templates, and thus completely change the look and like of ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP capabilities; any special reports can be implemented directly in the database, appearing automatically in the graphical user interface;

ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP Capabilities

ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP Capabilities is software that combines standard business schema of a modern online entrepreneur. It combines following features together:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Management System
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management


  • Accounts, which may be:

    • Companies
    • Groups
    • Mailing Lists
    • Bank Accounts
    • Cash Accounts
  • Contacts, which may belong to accounts, such as:

    • Main Account
    • Company
    • Other Account
  • Opportunities

  • Notes, for:

    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Opportunities
    • Cases
  • Calls

  • E-mails

    • Mailing Lists
  • Marks

  • Reminders

Content Management System

  • Pages
  • Links
  • Products
  • Real Estate
  • FAQ Categories, Questions and Answers
  • Gold and Silver prices
  • Fee Schedules and Fees
    • PDF Generation
    • HTML table generation within CMS

Sample websites generated with ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP Capabilities

There are maybe 100 domains and websites generated and created by using our ThetaCRM™ with CMS and ERP Capabilities.

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Invoices
  • Good and Services
  • Cash accounts and basic double entry accounting
  • Cash journal
  • Administrative Scales, Programs, Plans, Projects, Policies, Ideal Scenes, Valuable Final Products
  • Statistics
  • Real Estate
  • Top Level Domain management and TEL Domain Management
  • Real Estate
  • Gold and Silver
  • Fee Schedules and Fees

Software required


Installation is not yet doable without personal assistance. Contact us for the assistance. It may take 1-2 hours to install this software. Usability is in alpha stage for public, as a lot of documentation is missing and one need to understand all details.


And many thanks to @oetiker for development of Gedafe, the Generic Database Frontend, together with his coleagues in Switzerland. We are looking forward to development of DbToRia and possible switch from usage of Gedafe to DbToRia.

The trademark rights have been assigned in 2009. to THETABIZ S.A. THETACRM™ is trademark jointly owned by AGENCY FORTUNA LLC and THETABIZ CORPORATION, THETACMS™ is trademark of THETABIZ CORPORATION, THETAERP™ is trademark of THETABIZ CORPORATION.


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